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Welfare Plans

Welfare benefit plans can provide a variety of benefits in addition to healthcare coverage. Whether it’s disability, apprenticeship and training, prepaid legal services, vacation, or other types of welfare benefits, Slevin & Hart attorneys are experienced in guiding our clients through the creation and administration of any type of welfare plan, as well as providing advice related to any legal issues they might encounter.

When it comes to health benefits, our experience extends beyond our understanding of the comprehensive details governing healthcare. In addition to complex legal requirements, group health plans also face a host of administrative and financial considerations. We work closely with a plan’s other service providers, including benefits consultants, managed care organizations, and pharmacy benefit managers, to see that the coverage provided by our clients not only complies with the law, but is cost-effective, easy to access and affordable for participants. We also have extensive experience negotiating contracts with these providers, particularly pharmacy benefit managers and preferred provider medical networks. This enables us to obtain more favorable terms for all clients using the same provider in a cost-effective manner.

Our experience with group health plans covers the full range of the current healthcare landscape.  We provide advice to fully insured and self-insured arrangements and assist clients in implementing traditional indemnity plans as well as incentive-based HMOs and preferred provider networks, and plans for active employees as well as retiree-only plans.

Since every plan is unique, our extensive knowledge of the law and the healthcare field is instrumental in ensuring that plans effectively and efficiently provide appropriate benefits to participants.

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