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Retirement Plans

Slevin & Hart lawyers are experienced in assisting our retirement plan clients in negotiating a complex web of rules from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. As counsel, we advise the trustees of defined benefit and defined contribution plans to guide them in meeting their fiduciary duties and to enable the plan to provide pension benefits. We apply our extensive experience to all aspects of the design and administration of retirement plans. Whether a defined benefit pension plan or a defined contribution plan, sponsored by a single employer or established through collective bargaining as a multiemployer plan, a plan’s foundation lies in its governing documents. We have drafted numerous governing documents for retirement plans including plan documents, trust agreements, and summary plan descriptions, each one tailored to the client’s particular needs and legal concerns. We also advise our clients on best practice issues including trustee expenses and contribution delinquencies.

In addition to advising clients on current issues and legal developments that impact retirement plans, we also continue to help shape the law in this area. Our attorneys have been instrumental in developing the current law as it applies to pension plans, and they continue to be on the forefront of new innovations, including new types of retirement plans designed to address changing economic concerns, as well as new legislation to address the challenges facing existing plans. As the retirement plan landscape continues to evolve, we will continue to provide our clients with the experience, knowledge and creativity they’ve come to depend on.

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